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Bar at l’Ermitage

Bar at l’Ermitage (Hôtel Ermitage, Av. Paul Signac, Saint-Tropez) – this bar is recommended for those who want a more laid-back atmosphere than the bar scene at the harbor area.


Au Caprice des Deux

Au Caprice des Deux (40 rue du Portail Neuf, Saint-Tropez) — this is a family-owned restaurant in business since 1994, which serves a variety of local dishes, such as Granada grilled veal sauce béarnaise, fillet of beef (Charolais) with truffles, and Salmon Tartare. Because of its well-heeled clientele, diners are advised to call for reservations: […]


Ailes de Saint-Tropez

Ailes de Saint-Tropez (Polo Club Saint-Tropez) – (a.k.a. Wings of Saint-Tropez”), seen from Saint-Tropez’s harbor and beaches, this is an air show held every August, involving modern and vintage aircraft that go back to World War II. Previous aerial stunts were conducted by world champion French aerobatic pilot Catherine Maunoury.


Baie des Cannebiers

Baie des Cannebiers (Bay of the Stars) – located just five minutes from Saint-Tropez, this beach is close to the center of Saint-Tropez, and is known for its proximity to various spacious villas that wealthier visitors rent for lengthy stays in the French Riviera.


Place aux Herbes

Place aux Herbes – this is considered the culinary center of Saint-Tropez, and would attract those living there for a period of time, such as villa renters. There is a small oyster bar with up to a dozen varieties of oysters on any given day, alongside mussels, sea-snails and vongole. The square is also home […]


About Saint Tropez

Saint-Tropez, a commune of the Var department in the French Riviera, got its name from a martyr named Saint Torpes who was said to have been beheaded during the reign of Nero. This picturesque enclave has its share of history. Along with the Roman Empire period, the area now known as Saint Tropez endured Muslim […]